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OS/2 and eComStation Recently, Serenity Systems released the second first release candidate of eComStation 2.0, the successor to IBM's os/2. Mensys, the online distributor of eComStation and other os/2-related products, was so kind as to provide OSNews with a review copy of this release candidate, and since my experience with os/2 and eCS is not much more than a few failed attempts at installing Warp 4, I was eager to try it out. Read on for a short history of os/2 and eCS and a review of the release candidate.
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ATMs and a Warp story.
by Quag7 on Fri 29th Jun 2007 20:44 UTC
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In 1994 I was fresh out of college and my boss sent me to a local roadshow type event where the IBM team was showing off OS/2 Warp. I hadn't seen the graphical Web by this point, being limited mainly to shell access to the net, and my boss's concern was that he'd read good things about Warp and wanted me to get a handle on it and form an opinion on it. Having not seen Windows 95 yet, I was fairly blown away - this was the first time I saw the WWW on a GUI browser, and it looked fantastic.

I was kind of inexperienced and I really thought that this was going to change the way people worked with computers.

I switched jobs soon after and I recommended this to a customer of the computer store I was working in in New Jersey. The customer was a bit of an enigma - he wore really expensive looking suits, drove a Jaguar, and had an Italian surname. He told me that he was in the "garbage collection business." (His exact words; I'm not kidding. It is only this element - being "a little too in character" that makes me doubt whether or not this guy really was, you know, connected. He sure looked like it though.)

So the question was whether this guy was made or whether he just liked to make people think that, and we joked about it among ourselves when he left our store. I never knew or suspected anyone of being part of this shadowy criminal underground so even as a native New Jerseyan I had nothing to really measure him by.

He was a good customer though - paid on time and brought in good business. My theory was that he was just some businessman who liked casting the aura of a made guy, but appearance wise, this guy was a character right out of the Sopranos. And this *was* North Jersey. I'm not sure whether it's more naive to think this guy *was* connected, or more naive to think he *wasn't.* This was several years before the Sopranos debuted on HBO. The first time I watched it, I immediately thought of this old customer.

Anyway I recommended OS/2 Warp to him enthusiastically, sure that it was the future of computing.

We didn't see him for about a year and a half. He drives up about 18 months later, gets out of his car, clutching the OS/2 Warp box. He puts it on the counter.

"You can have this. And if you ever recommend another Edsel program to me, I'll break your legs."

Then he bought a mouse, and walked out.

To this day I am not sure if:

(a) He was playing the "part" and trying to come off as threatening. He was smiling ever so slightly; the kind of smile which can indicate either amusement or menace.

(b) He was being very dry and joking with me, while expressing some displeasure at my bad recommendation (Windows 95 had since been released and had taken desktops by storm).

(c) He was your classic cinematic "made guy," was ticked off, and wanted me to know it.

That's my OS/2 Warp story. It is a story of how IBM's poor marketing, promotion, and licensing strategy with OS/2 almost got me beat down by la costa nostra. Maybe.

As for ATMs, I have seen several of them in maintenance mode, and clearly many of them do run OS/2 - the last one I saw was maybe a year and a half ago, so it's still out there. OS/2's/eComStation's value to people who are not OS/2 users now is of course dubious. I am fairly amused at the price they're asking. If it was free, I'd maybe install it in VMWare or something just to give it a try (I have no idea if it can be run in VMWare or not).

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