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3D News, GL, DirectX "The last time we had written an article on Nouveau, the community project working on developing an open-source 3D display driver for NVIDIA hardware, was this past January after being enlightened by glxgears finally being able to run on NVIDIA's NV4x GPUs. Since then many developments have occurred with this open-source NVIDIA driver as we have covered in several news postings. In this article today we will share with you where the Nouveau project stands today from a user perspective as well as testing out the driver on a few more NVIDIA systems."
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RE: And this is a good thing
by apoclypse on Sat 30th Jun 2007 21:40 UTC in reply to "And this is a good thing"
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Yeah, the radeon rivers need to be rethought and reimplemented. Much of the code in the radeon drivers are based off of what ati had given the oss community a long time ago. I think starting from scratch and doing clean room drivers would be the better solution. This article doesn't speak on performance though.

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RE[2]: And this is a good thing
by GhePeU on Sat 30th Jun 2007 22:50 in reply to "RE: And this is a good thing"
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Are you kidding? You're really comparing a real-world working driver which supports pretty much every application on a large gamut of video cards released since a least 2000 with a new incomplete driver which has problem even switching resolution in a fairly common card and can't really do more than display glxgears?

Why should one throw out years of development for a "clean room" work which couldn't possibly give comparable results in years? The nouveau project is a good thing and deserves attention but, please, keep your feet on the ground and don't buy all the hype.

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apoclypse Member since:

I wasn't buying the hype. My impression of the ati drivers (which I use) is that they generally suck, the performance is awful and there are features missing. On top of that stability is a factor. When I mean throw out I don't mean get rid of the drivers, i mean start working on better drivers and deprecate the radeon drivers when and if the other ones work better. Maybe doing a clean room driver may have better results. This is just my opinion though so who knows, we'll see when they let us know how these perform, if they perform as crappy as the radeon drivers, then they shouldn't bother.

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Part of the problem with the "maturity" of the PC software industry is that it's extremely expensive for a vendor to start over with a clean slate and the benefit of hindsight. The driver architects at the big graphics vendors realize that they could design a better performing and much more reliable driver by starting over, but they also know that improving the existing driver is more cost-effective. The graphics vendors don't have to option of dropping their existing drivers to work on new ones, but the free software community does.

It won't take "years" for the Nouveau project to provide "good enough" 3D performance for the majority of *nix users. In 18 months, Nouveau will certainly be the default NVIDIA driver in Ubuntu and Fedora, and most users won't have a compelling reason to switch to the binary blob. It needs to handle Compiz with ease and some previous-generation games via Cedega. Give them 18 months, possibly even less.

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