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Apple Apple has bought the CUPS code base, and has hired it's lead developer. "CUPS was written by Michael R Sweet, an owner of Easy Software Products. In February of 2007 Apple Inc. hired Michael and acquired ownership the CUPS source code. While Michael is primarily working on non-CUPS projects, he will continue to develop and support CUPS, which is still being released under the existing GPL2/LGPL2 licensing terms."
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RE[8]: Re: Say What?
by meianoite on Thu 12th Jul 2007 22:18 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Re: Say What?"
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Size doesn't matter, its contributing to *other* developers code not vice-versa.

Apple *had* to usee GCC becuase of Apple is moving towards LLVM, <snip> If your trying to make out Apple is anything but self serving, your crackers.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you really implying that by releasing humongous portions of code written by Apple, Inc. developers themselves, BSD-licensed, is self-serving? And that because they chose to reinvent better wheels rather than attempting to reuse something that already existed bur didn't really fit their needs, even if they also release the source code for such projects of theirs, they should be accused of not contributing?

Here, dude:

I hope you're not insulted by this huge pile of non-contributed crap.

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