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Windows "Way back in November 2006, when Windows Vista went from beta to RTM, Microsoft's Jim Allchin suggested that users might not need an antivirus program, thanks to the new OS's stronger security features. While the statement was subsequently clarified until it lost all its meaning, the question remains: Do Vista users really need an antivirus program running in the background at all times?"
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RE: Nice article
by jessta on Wed 18th Jul 2007 09:46 UTC in reply to "Nice article"
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The thing is that Joe User shouldn't be installing stuff on a computer. He doesn't have the skills required so he shouldn't be doing it.

In the same way, Joe User shouldn't be cooking unless he knows about food poisoning and how to prevent it.

The problem is that the IT industry, in trying to sell it's products, promotes the idea that 'anyone can do it' and 'no learning nescessary'. No other industry does that to the extent that the IT industry does.

We created the 'idiot user', We brought this on ourselves and now we have to deal with it.

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RE[2]: Nice article
by PJBonoVox on Wed 18th Jul 2007 12:14 in reply to "RE: Nice article"
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I agree with a lot of what you say, but be careful who you call 'we'. I was much happier when only geeks (generally speaking) used computers, and I'm certainly not guilty of pedalling the computer life to non-geeks. I'm not being elitist, it was just 'better times' back then.

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RE[2]: Nice article
by tryphcycle on Wed 18th Jul 2007 17:38 in reply to "RE: Nice article"
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"We created the 'idiot user', We brought this on ourselves and now we have to deal with it."

Here is another one!

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