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Multimedia, AV sent us over one of the best video cards on the market today: the GeForce 86000GTS with 256 MB VRAM and a crazy fast 675 MHz engine clock. The card is on the high side of the middle-end graphics cards compared to others available and it's currently selling below $200. In this article we will test the multimedia performance of the card as used in video playback and rendering support rather than its already well-benchmarked multiple times so far and well-known gaming abilities.
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RE[2]: ATI What?
by SilentStorm on Thu 19th Jul 2007 10:37 UTC in reply to "RE: ATI What?"
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While I do not object to the points you raise (in poisition to demand, the rebrand and other all) I just wanted some clairification and tried to point that cards are just "uneven"...

Since the review is short, and the uneven comparison makes the review "smell" biased.

Yes, my language may sound a bit inflammatory (I'm not intended to do it) and I'm really sorry for that but unfortunately I'm not a gamer and I don't read "casual 3D gaming reviews" but slashdot, OSNews and such. I'm just a linux programmer who works with low-level stuff and love watching movies.

I just expected a clearer article, my bad.

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RE[3]: ATI What?
by MamiyaOtaru on Thu 19th Jul 2007 22:18 in reply to "RE[2]: ATI What?"
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I'm just a linux programmer

I'm confused how you can be a linux programmer and such an apparent fan of ATI.

(I) want a comparison with X2400 or above card to play in even fields. [/quote]

That card has [i]no
Linux drivers period. X1900 and friends have drivers, but not open source like your 9600xt.

nVidia's drivers are closed source as well, but at least their performance is almost on par with their Windows drivers (unlike ATI's) and at least they actually have drivers for their newest cards.

The Linux drivers don't do a lot of H.264 decoding, so it's all pretty irrelevant to this article. I just find it weird when people have loyalty to a hardware company, and especially so when it's a Linux guy with loyalty to ATI. And before anyone wonders, I don't have "loyalty" to nVidia. The moment ATI puts out a faster card with lower energy usage and good Linux drivers I'll be buying ATI.

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