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Linux PolishLinux reviews PCLinuxOS 2007. "I must admit I am impressed by PCLinuxOS. And according to the distro slogan, which includes the two words 'radically simple', installation and configuration of the system is really easy, and the system is very friendly in everyday usage. Some of this 'radical simplicity' should be credited to hammered out details, and the system's elegant appearance (although this is a matter of individual taste). Regular users will find in PCLinuxOS everything they need 'out of the box'. Thanks to the consistency and the possibilities to configure the system with graphical tools (e.g. PCLinuxOS Control Center) this distro is close to ideal for those starting their adventure with Linux systems and migrating from Microsoft Windows systems."
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RE[6]: PCLinux?
by Colonel Panic on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 22:00 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: PCLinux?"
Colonel Panic
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Sorry about that. I went back and read the earlier post.

"Well, that rather speaks for itself. Way to have an open mind. "

Sorry, but I do have an open mind and I will try a tool that makes my work better. I am not a Linux fanboy or a Gentoo fanboy. I'm a pragmatist. I would rather have Linux at my work but it's for the govt. and they aren't changing to suit my tastes. As for having to install a
distro when I have a perfectly well-trained brain AND can read is just a lot of foolishness.

As for the way Mandriva does things-I used to be a Silver Club-(when Mandrake was really struggling) and a cooker-list member for 2 years and I don't care for the even the idea of the club now. If you look a the way the all the other distros and the way they distribute their product, Mandriva is so convoluted and complex with all the different choices. And their mirror system is THE worst. Also the policy of non-free drivers and some software leaves me shaking my head. This behavior is why I left for Gentoo and haven't looked back although I try to keep an open mind and I do read the Mandriva forums from time to time to see what has been going on.

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RE[7]: PCLinux?
by AdamW on Mon 23rd Jul 2007 16:16 in reply to "RE[6]: PCLinux?"
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Can you mail me at awilliamson AT mandriva DOT com ? It'd be good to discuss your points but I don't want to clog up this public thread with it. Thanks.

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RE[8]: PCLinux?
by Colonel Panic on Mon 23rd Jul 2007 16:23 in reply to "RE[7]: PCLinux?"
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OK-Thanks AW

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