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Gnome "If you're a GNOME user I expect you're more than familiar with the panels that come as standard with your desktop; if you use openSUSE you're probably also familiar with the slab menu that Novell have developed. There are, however, several other applications out there that can extend and beautify your Gnome panels."
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This is already fixed.

It only took them four years. Not bad.

All products have bugs.

All products have priorities for those bugs.

A bug not being fixed for four years *usually* means absolutely nothing except that it was not a high priority.

Now, with that said, you could argue that it should have been higher priority.

Nonetheless, the amount of time it takes to fix is an issue should not be the primary evaluation of how "good" a particular fix is.

The amount of resources available to fix issues is finite, which means that only so many can be fixed for each release.

All sane software development teams evaluate and fix bugs based on a variety of factors used for evaluation, and age is usually low on the list.

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In this case, it is a really bad delay... In four years, we had so many stupid things (spatial nautilus, mono epiphany) and this bug stays alive? As you say, it is a matter of priority, and I cannot understand GNOME's priority!

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