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Internet & Networking "Microsoft has released a new showcase of its Silverlight web development frameworks, a graphical search engine called Tafiti. Tafiti, which means 'do research' in Swahili, is an experimental frontend to Microsoft's Live Search engine. It presents search options in three panes on the screen: the left pane is for entering search queries and switching between image, RSS, Web, and News, the middle pane contains the search results, and the right pane is used to 'dock' results using drag-and-drop for looking at later."
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RE: Just like everything else
by TBPrince on Fri 24th Aug 2007 16:50 UTC in reply to "Just like everything else"
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Yes it looks pretty, yes there's the odd feature that might be neat, but it is still far inferior to just plain text search that we already have.
While I agree this is just a showcase, I won't underestimate these kind of "conceptual works". The fact we're used to some kind of things, it doesn't mean things might not change.

While Silverlight is not something original as its basic concepts were used long before by SVG and Flash, Silverlight plays nicer to search engines (according to what I think but I'm not 100% sure yet) than Flash and this is not secondary: if Flash could be good at being indexed, web would be very different than the one we see now.

These technologies can achieve very good results by enhancing interations with end users. While Tafiti doesn't provide anything revolutionary, it's a good basis to enhance and to provide new functionalities. I'm sure in a few time, we will change even the way we're searching the Web now.

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