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Windows A curious network performance reduction noticed by many Windows Vista users of the 2CPU forum that became the talk of Slashdot last week has been identified as having been caused not by DRM, as Slashdot users expected, but by a curious prioritization 'feature' of Vista that's intentionally biased toward Media Player at the expense of network and system resources.
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RE[2]: Article in short
by Kancept on Wed 29th Aug 2007 21:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Article in short"
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Can we say anything above a 233 MHz can? I honestly have not tested slower, but Z! in OS/2 plays great and doesn't slow my network down.

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RE[3]: Article in short
by Earl Colby pottinger on Thu 30th Aug 2007 03:07 in reply to "RE[2]: Article in short"
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133Mhz PII run Beos 5.0.3 will run 640*480 video using VLC 0.8.6c run play videos fine if there no other load, my 533MHz desktop plays the video fine unless I use FireFox to do my downloading. Use NetPostive, NetNautiX, NetPenquin or BeShare to download and I see a perfect video with no problems.

The idea that anything over 1GHz should have any problems handling media and networking at the same time is silly. MS messed up in their code somewhere.

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