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BeOS & Derivatives Two interesting bits of news from the Haiku front. First, Haiku now has basic support for FireWire, thanks to GSOC student JiSheng Zhang. You cannot connect a FireWire hard drive just yet, though. Second, Russian BeOS hacker Troeglazov Gerasim has ported Samba 3.10 to Haiku, so you can now browse your Windows shares in Haiku, as well as share files through Samba in Haiku. IsComputerOn has the details, as well as some screenshots.
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RE[4]: Haiku under heavy load
by koki on Tue 4th Sep 2007 15:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Haiku under heavy load"
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> I'm using a 1st gen Macbook with a 2 Ghz Core Duo and 2 GB RAM.

Nice try. But do that on on a machine with an AMD 3000+ CPU than runs at 1.8GHz (or equivalent) + 512MB RAM.

Shall I make you a coffee while you wait for your MAC to boot? ;)

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RE[5]: Haiku under heavy load
by evangs on Tue 4th Sep 2007 16:03 in reply to "RE[4]: Haiku under heavy load"
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Disabling one processor core still allows me to play 7 videos without any dropped frames. Granted, there is still a 200 MHz advantage and more RAM but it's not that bad for an OS where people were going OMG, look mach-kernel sucks!!111!1!

I think I've learned two things from this little exercise:

1) OS X ain't that bad despite benchmarks showing processes being 5 - 10x slower compared to Linux (remember the whole Anandtech nonsense where threading performance was benchmarked using fork..) . If anything, it is much more responsive than Linux and closer to Haiku in terms of coping with load.

2) Something is not right with OS X's multi processing support. 1 core handles 7 videos flawlessly. 2 cores handles 10. Surely if the OS utilized the cores as efficiently as possible, this should result in 2 cores handling 14? Maybe this will be fixed in Leopard?

3) Linux ain't that hot and Haiku is pretty neat. I haven't run Linux on my macbook so I can't say what kinda performance I would get, so I'm just taking what you guys say about how it can't handle 3 video streams. Same goes for Windows.

4) I cant count for squat...

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RE[6]: Haiku under heavy load
by koki on Tue 4th Sep 2007 17:36 in reply to "RE[5]: Haiku under heavy load"
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I suspect that OSX would crawl with 512MB, like Ubuntu did in my case. I cannot prove it, though, as I don't have a MAC. ;)

One thing to also keep in mind is that Haiku is still un-optimized pre-alpha code; a new and hopefully better scheduler is being worked on (GSoC project), and many other components will most likely be optimized, so it looks like there is still room for improvement.

Anyway, OS X is a really cool system, and if it works nicely for you, that's a cool thing too. ;)

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RE[6]: Haiku under heavy load
by aldeck on Tue 4th Sep 2007 18:13 in reply to "RE[5]: Haiku under heavy load"
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Hehe evangs! i think you won't even believe what BeOS can do with a dual PII 266Mhz, 64MB ram, 3GB drive 8-) (this is on R4.5, around 1999) you can skip the first 4 minutes

Haiku is not optimized (not even finished) yet so you can't compare with OSX right now, but this BeOS demo can give you an idea of the potential ;)

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RE[6]: Haiku under heavy load
by TQH ! on Wed 5th Sep 2007 08:24 in reply to "RE[5]: Haiku under heavy load"
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And here I thought OS X used the 3d-hardware in your graphics card, making it a completly unfair comparison. So maybe you can cut Haiku some more slack ;)

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