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Opera Software Opera has released an alpha build of their upcoming 9.5 release. "Following the release of Opera 9 last year, we re-wrote Opera's rendering engine for the coming Opera 9.5 release. As a result, Opera 9.5 contains more than a year's worth of speed, standards and performance improvements."
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RE: a few niggles
by baadger on Tue 4th Sep 2007 21:34 UTC in reply to "a few niggles"
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Solutions! ;)

1) Opera will not respect your qtconfig or Kcontrol font settings but can change the font face and size under Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Fonts. Also make sure you are using a "shared" QT version of Opera, not a static one (Slackware should be packaging the shared version).

Here is a screen shot of the new Opera 9.50a1 amd64 build on my Gentoo/Gnome desktop so you can see what can be achieved:

2) Flash will work on Opera provided Opera can find the flash plug-in library, which is probably somewhere in /opt. You really should file a distro bug for this since it's a packaging issue. You can also point Opera to the correct location in Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced tab -> Content -> Plugin Options

3) ...but a lot more snappy than Firefox!

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RE[2]: a few niggles
by Joe User on Tue 4th Sep 2007 23:37 in reply to "RE: a few niggles"
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RE[3]: a few niggles
by baadger on Wed 5th Sep 2007 22:05 in reply to "RE[2]: a few niggles"
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Because you're using a CRT?

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