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BeOS & Derivatives "As the development of Haiku keeps making noticeable strides, there seems to be no plan to include a direct replacement for the integrated development environment BeIDE that was bundled with BeOS. I have read here and there from a couple of BeOS developers about their intentions to develop such an IDE for Haiku, but nothing has trickled down so far in terms of code or binaries. Well, that's not the case anymore."
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It's not "the" IDE for Haiku, but "an" IDE for Haiku. Subtle but significant difference. ;)

Hopefully there will be more than one IDE for Haiku in the future, and users will then be able to choose the one they prefer or like better.

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Itís not even Ēanď IDE for Haikuís future, because itís targetted at Zeta and a Haiku port is just planed and not definitive.

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Haiku 1.0 is just planned, so what's your point? You seem to have a real axe to grind against GenesTation, mabe you should tell us why? OK it's closed source, but so is lots of code that people use to make OSS software. It may not be appropriate to be the main IDE for Haiku, because it can't be bundled, but that doesn't stop it being useful to people who want to use it.

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