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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Technologists and investors gather at the two-day Singularity Summit in San Francisco to discuss the benefits and risks of advancing artificial intelligence--and what to do in the event that machines one day out-think humans.
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RE[2]: Singularity and AI's
by Nex6 on Mon 10th Sep 2007 05:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Singularity and AI's"
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yes, becuase I am sure a scienitist form 1800 could not have foreseen in anyway the techonlogical socieity we have.

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Gullible Jones Member since:

No, they probably couldn't. I'm pretty sure no one before Tesla could have predicted the internet. Hell, 1800 was before Maxwell, they probably couldn't come up with radio unless they were an unparalleled genius.

Do you think that, in pre-agrarian society, tribesmen in their tents dreamed up the ziggurats of Sumeria and Babylon? It's damn easy to look back and say, "Hey, anyone could have predicted that!" when you have the advantage of living after the event has occured.

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RE[4]: Singularity and AI's
by PLan on Mon 10th Sep 2007 06:38 in reply to "RE[3]: Singularity and AI's"
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>I'm pretty sure no one before Tesla could have predicted the internet

Well the telegraph was a pretty useful invention, and they were laying transatlantic cables in 1857 (a year after Tesla's birth). In fact the telegraph system is sometimes referred to as "the Victorian Internet" (Tom Standage's book is a fascinating read).

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