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General Development Recently, Free Pascal (FPC) version 2.2.0 was released. This open source Pascal compiler has - since its initial release in 1993 - grown to be one of the most sophisticated open source compilers available today. Daily, more programmers discover FPC and develop their applications in Object Pascal. Specifically, the development of Lazarus has contributed to this phenomenon: Lazarus is a graphical open source IDE for FPC, with an extensive tool kit to design graphical (GUI) applications.
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RE[2]: How good is Lazarus/FPC?
by FooBarWidget on Mon 10th Sep 2007 22:35 UTC in reply to "RE: How good is Lazarus/FPC?"
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Are you saying "I don't care because I can write sizing code myself"? What an elitist attitude. Just because I can doesn't mean I should. Give me one good reason why I should waste my time on micromanaging coordinates instead of focusing on solving the problem.

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rayiner Member since:

What kind of non-font-sensitive, non-language-aware, hard-coded piece of shit as that?

If you do resize logic wrong, then yeah, it's easy, but it's 2007 --- we're getting past the point where you can give a wrong answer to a hard question just because it's easier than giving the right answer. If you do layout _right_, it's hard, and it's something the toolkit better handle.

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Uhm yeah, good for you. But I have 300 widgets. You still haven't given me a good reason to waste my time on 300 lines of code (probably more, because some widget's position depends on others, or depends on some conditions) instead of using that to solve a real problem.

As I said, an elitist attitude.

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There is a layout engine as memson describes in the VCL (and LCL) If you don't know that, you obviously never seriously worked with it.

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I wrote a commercial application in Delphi which is still being sold today, so you cannot really accuse me of not having "seriously" worked with it. None of the 3 Delphi books that I have, have ever mentioned the use of anchors.

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