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Legal Microsoft suffered a stunning defeat on Monday when a European Union court backed a European Commission ruling that the US software giant illegally abused its market power to crush competitors. The European Union's second-highest court dismissed the company's appeal on all substantive points of the 2004 antitrustruling. The court said Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, was unjustified in tying new applications to its Windows operating system in a way that harmed consumer choice. The verdict, which may be appealed only on points of law and not of fact, could force Microsoft to change its business practices.
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Have I said it was the fault of Microsoft? No, I haven't. Fault doesn't matter here. What matters is whether or not Microsoft gives users the choice they have the right to.

Microsoft IS offering Windows N versions. EU has made it do so. Stop blaming Microsoft if none of the resellers doesn't want to resell it. Had Microsoft failed to provide Windows XP N or Vista N, EU would have reacted already.

EU has ordered Microsoft to provide Windows N. And MS did it. There is your Windows without WMP. It is there already.

For example, everyone with MSDN has access to it. I can download XP N right now. Right now. One click away. Do you want me to send you freaking screenshot?

So don't freaking tell me customers do not have access. (and please do not tell me resellers have no access. They do, but it is not upon MS or EU to force them to sell it if they don't want to.)

Why should Microsoft get away with violating the Human Rights Convention?

..and global warming too ;)

Don't forget to mod me down ;-)

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Just to take a quick one: Microsoft violates Article 10 in the European Human Rights Convention.

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