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Mac OS X Apple recently seeded developers with yet another build of Mac OS X 10.4.11, destined to be the final update to Tiger. Builds 8S155 (PowerPC) and 8S2155 (Intel) deliver an additional number of bug fixes, including remedies to issues with the BSD Kernel and interlock timeouts, ASR and scanning and restoring, CoreText Layout, and a bug with ImageCapture that creates problems downloading images from an iPhone when the phone has a large number of saved photos.
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Some words to Leopard
by kloty on Thu 20th Sep 2007 21:16 UTC
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Is it just me, or do others also think that Leopard is the less promoted version of MacOSX so far? Since the introduction in March and some discussion about the inclusion of ZFS and the design of Time Machine, there was pretty nothing, neither from Apple side, nor from other sources. Now the release seems to be in October, but still no official conformation, no release date, no hype. All I hear from Apple is iPod, iPhone, iMac, iWork, iLife, but nothing about Leopard. It already makes me bit suspicious. Which role does MacOSX play in Apple universum? What if Apple decides to ditch the OS business alltogether and port all it software to Windows? Is this scenario so unlikely? It seems to me that the only unsuccesfull business, which Apple continues is programming of MacOSX. There they have 3 or less percent of the market as opposed to their music business with 70 and more procent. Even their hardware is much more successfull now, since Windows can be installed on it.

Please don't get me wrong. I love MacOSX and work every day with it, but if I see the progresses Linux and Windows make and promotion efforts from Apple side, I'm really starting worrying.

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RE: Some words to Leopard
by Matt24 on Thu 20th Sep 2007 21:30 in reply to "Some words to Leopard"
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Windows making progress????????

After the release of Leopard they will be definitely relagated to the stone age!

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RE (2): Some words to Leopard
by markus on Thu 20th Sep 2007 21:55 in reply to "Some words to Leopard"
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Since iPhone and iPod Touch are based on Mac OS X there is no reason to think Apple will abandon Mac OS X.

As a developer I am not allowed to tell specifics about Leopard, but if you think Vista or any particular Linux release are big progresses you will be please with Leopard functionality and speed.

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RE: Some words to Leopard
by REM2000 on Fri 21st Sep 2007 08:19 in reply to "Some words to Leopard"
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The other thing to bear in mind is usually Apple only annouces the major things when a product is close to release.

It's a method microsoft should adopt, as they start hyping straight away, making unrealistic expectations by the time of release. Look what happened to Vista, there was sooo much talk about it, starting in 2003. By 2007 there is no way any product could live up to that hype.

I am really looking forward to Leopard, but it's nice to know that apple are still activley support tiger, hopefully the support will last a while.

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RE[2]: Some words to Leopard
by mtxblau on Fri 21st Sep 2007 16:50 in reply to "RE: Some words to Leopard"
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The main difference is that 10.1 through now are upgrades of the same version of the OS. XP to Vista is akin (rather, how MS hyped) to the switch between OS 9 and OS X.

I think the incremental hype between .X releases is the same as XP to SP1, SP2 and so on.

Had the XP to Vista switch panned out with all those promises, there's no doubt people would've been excited for Vista.

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