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Java For cost reasons the space agency is more and more interested in using Java for safety-critical missions. Until recently the lack of a time-predictable standard library has been a major hurdle to Java adoption in that particular field. It is no more the case as demonstrated by this AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) paper [.pdf] presented the first day of the Space 2007 conference (Long Beach, CA) and introducing the first fully time-deterministic (and open-source) library for Java: Javolution.
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So..a new JVM?
by TemporalBeing on Fri 21st Sep 2007 13:56 UTC
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I'm curious...did they have to implement a new JVM to get this? Without integrating it highly into the JVM, you'd still be at the mercy of the JVM and the JVM scheduler for timing, so I'm not sure it would really work unless they did deeply integrated it into the JVM somehow.

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RE: So..a new JVM?
by bariole on Fri 21st Sep 2007 14:27 in reply to "So..a new JVM?"
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Maybe. If they have used Java for robot control, than almost certainly they have use RTSJ dialect ( RTSJ is extension of a JVM to real-time programming.

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RE: So..a new JVM?
by smitty on Fri 21st Sep 2007 14:59 in reply to "So..a new JVM?"
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"Ahead-Of-Time compilation, incremental
Garbage Collection and the use of RTSJ-compliant Virtual Machine" are required and already exist, but without a deterministic library they're of limited use. Enter Javolution.

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