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Bugs & Viruses "For at least a decade, the standard advice to every computer user has been to run antivirus software. But new, more commercial, more complex and stealthier types of malware have people in the industry asking: will antivirus software be effective for much longer? Among the threats they see are malware that uses the ability of the latest processors to run virtual machines that would be hidden from antivirus programs." Note: Please note that our icon contest is still running! So if you have an idea on how to rework this story's icon, read this.
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No internet
by Gone fishing on Sun 23rd Sep 2007 12:32 UTC
Gone fishing
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Working in the third world our virus problems are horrendous. Lots of people can now afford a PC, but few can afford the internet dial up is very expensive and ADSL not available every ware and again very expensive, I guess about 10 times the price of the UK or US. People share files we have internet cafes as a result viruses are ubiquitous I'd say 19 out of every 20 flash disks I see has viruses.

AVs are not a solution what use is Avast if it can't update? (no internet) As for Norton a six month old Norton AV is very, very, very much worse than nothing. The problem is Windows and user stupidity (Britney_sex.exe yes please). But Windows makes the problem so much worse, its hard to envisage how an OS could have a worse problem with malware than Windows. I suppose Vista might make a small improvement but the cost of the OS, the power of the machine needed to run it, still no internet and its general vileness means that most PCs here will be running badly cracked un-patch XP professional for years.

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