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Java "After nearly a year of hard work the JNode team is proud to announce the release of JNode 0.2.5, the new intermediary development version of the JNode operating system. JNode is a free, open source Java technology base OS written fully in Java language (with a very small assembler nano-kernel). This release features OpenJDK integration, Java 6 support, substantially impoved consoles, experimental support for isolates and a large set of bug fixes and improvements to all parts of the system, including better memory mamagement and increased performance."
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I didn't say the execution of Java code was slow, I said that loading the VM is slow and you can't argue with that.

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well, thats not entirely correct. An empty class (only a main method) starts as fast as releasing the enter key (P4, 3.2). However starting the UI (Swing, et al) takes a bit longer (empty class with a single line like: JOptionPane.showInputDialog("testing");)
approx 2 seconds to start - and 3 to shutdown (!?)

I am also seeing similar times with .net (why is .net never flamed for speed issues??) and I guess this is true with most - all? - VM based languages.

using Java 1.6 on windows btw.

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why is .net never flamed for speed issues??

I spend a good portion of each day doing so :-)

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I will not argue the meaning of the word slow, bot look around - many applications (MS Windows, OpenOffice, Adobe Reader, Gnome...) have non comparatively larger problems with loading. It is a technical issue, it can be solved, and it was solved for whom it mattered - check your mobile again.

And as I said in previous post that Horlveda deleted from the thread: Java is just fine.

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On Windows or Linux, yes, it's slow as hell. But since JNode runs everything on the JVM, it would of course be already loaded at the time you even log in to the system. VM loading time will only increase boot time, not the time to start an application.

(Of course, pre-loading the JVM could be done on any other system too)

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