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Amiga & AROS The Amiga world is an interesting one to follow. As an outsider, it is almost impossible to fully understand all the processes at work over there. The various companies, the individuals, the developers, The Three Men And A Cow who own an AmigaOne - they are not making it any easier. The past few weeks have seen quite a few news items regarding the Amiga platform. Did they help in creating a clearer picture of where the Amiga stands?
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by null_pointer_us on Sun 30th Sep 2007 23:17 UTC in reply to "RE: re"
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Your article was good and reasonably objective--where it's supposed to be, of course--but somehow I just cannot spend time reading about the Amiga's history. Unfortunately, whatever value Amiga might have held back in its day has been eclipsed by the petty soap-opera melodrama. Now it is just disgusting.

The Amiga community seems trapped in its own self-imposed time bubble, like a senile old war widow who keeps waiting every night for her husband that died over a decade ago. Amiga users go on and on about technical advantages that ceased being advantages many years ago and were then vastly eclipsed by other advances outside Amiga. New gossipy discussions are started about "heroes" whose opinions and actions ceased to be relevant a long time ago. After a while, being in love with a memory just makes a person sick inside.

There's no point in reporting Amiga news unless the community re-examines itself and starts caring about practical solutions for the real world. Even small ones. OSNews can be about niche solutions. But could you staff people please stop reporting Amiga news as if the unreasonable hopes had some basis in reality? You are propping up a community that needs to fall and fall hard for its own good.

This article is a good first start: advocacy outside the Amiga bubble.

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by gleng on Mon 1st Oct 2007 09:43 in reply to "RE[2]: re"
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Some have turned it into the most intolerant religion imaginable. Others, like me I hope, just like using Amigas and are bitterly disappointed by what various people have done to the platform over the years.

I think the fact that, 13 years after Commodore, we're still arguing about the platform, says a lot about how much people care about it.

You are propping up a community that needs to fall and fall hard for its own good.

Strangely enough, I completely agree. Good or bad news, the community needs closure on the issue of Amiga Inc, Hyperion, and Amiga OS 4. The current court battle could go on for years though, so I can't see it happening soon.

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