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Fedora Core "The world is changing and online applications are becoming more and more popular, whether for e-mail or word processing. The developers behind Bigboard and Gnome's 'online desktop' initiative think it's time our desktops started catching up. Read on to find an interview with Colin Walters, more information about Bigboard, the online desktop and the obligatory screencast showing it off!"
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Single point of failure
by GENIUS on Tue 2nd Oct 2007 23:33 UTC
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This is going back to the dumb terminal days, and it is a bandwidth hog.

The whole idea is really ridiculous instead of focusing on a solid desktop strategy time and money is being wasted on the same failed concept. How many of these 'online desktops' have came and went in the past 5 years. I can name at least 5 that have disappeared with the same single point of failure concept only to rear its ugly head once again.

Being a Linux Admin, I can hardly do my duties from an online desktop, much less create a test environment and several other activities that require real machines. Considering the fact pc prices are at all time lows and hardware is constantly getting cheaper, and the fact OO.o is available for free use I do not see a need. I have seen this concept come and go in the past 10 years even in the large enterprise environment the 'win terms' were a HUGE waste of money and found themselves being thrown in a dumpster one day.

Plus the security layer, it is full of wholes who is keeping the data, who can see it pass, who will ensure it availability 24/7, what are the backup measures? The list goes on and on, it will be gone in a year. Only to reinvent itself again saying it is better than sliced bread...

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RE: Single point of failure
by spikeb on Thu 4th Oct 2007 01:10 in reply to "Single point of failure"
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I don't think this is the dumb terminal hooked up to a mainframe idea done yet again. it seems to me to be more focused on integrating lots of data people have spread all over the place into their pcs.

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