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Mac OS X Developers have received from Apple a 'ZFS on Mac OS X Preview 1.1' package, which offers preliminary support for the ZFS file system, originally developed by Sun Microsystems for their Solaris OS. Currently, the Mac OS is based on the HFS+ file system, but leaked screenshots of earlier versions of Leopard showed options for formatting hard drives for ZFS. Reportedly, this preview allows full read and write capabilities with the latest developer build of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Apple's upcoming version of its OS X operating system.
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ZFS might be useful on a huge SUN server system, but I do fail to see what it could do for my laptop or desktop.


Don't let the 128 bitness fool you. It's full of common sense goodness that applies to us real world folks. The checksumming. Fantastic administration utilities. There is no reason that we Linux guys couldn't achieve the same level of administration ease, but given years and years... we haven't.

Back to 128 bits, though. 16+ million terabytes, the limit for a 64 bit filesystem, really *should* be enough for anyone for a long while. And anyone who can afford more hardware than that would also benefit from writing an application specific layer to handle a greater amount of storage. The 128 bit part was pure marketing.

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