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Legal This week's 'big' news on OSNews was about software patents. You know, those things that say you cannot stack four pixels on top of one another unless you pay money to the guy who invented four-pixel-stacks (or the guy who bought the guy who invented four-pixel-stacks). A company called IP Innovation, LLC, has sued Novell and Red Hat for infringement of the company's IP portfolio. Software patents are of course generally completely ridiculous, so I will not focus on that here. I want to focus on something else.
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RE[3]: Worth watching
by google_ninja on Mon 15th Oct 2007 02:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Worth watching"
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There's very little chance of Red Hat losing, IMHO. Because if they do it means screwing up a lot of things that are genuinely valuable to a lot of people. This includes genuine innovation and yes, even business interests. I think there's enough combined power that doesn't want that to stop even Microsoft.

Assuming for a second RH does lose, the biggest real loser is the US and every business and software user abiding by its laws. Because at the core, this case is about software patents against FOSS. This is the catalyst that will finally prompt the US to choose.

This isnt about MS vs RH, this is about a really stupid system being put into practice. And sometimes they lose (remember Eolas v. Microsoft?) It isnt about screwing end users over, it doesnt have anything to do with open source or closed source, it is about the law being dumb. Apple already got sued by this, and settled out of court. If RH is smart, they will do the same. HOPEFULLY this will provoke real patent reform (which Microsoft has called for a few times now), but I doubt it.

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RE[4]: Worth watching
by wirespot on Mon 15th Oct 2007 15:17 in reply to "RE[3]: Worth watching"
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It will definitely not bring about any change if Red Hat settles out of court.

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