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Windows Earlier today, OSNews ran a story on a presentation held by Microsoft's Eric Traut, the man responsible for the 200 or so kernel and virtualisation engineers working at the company. Eric Traut is also the man who wrote the binary translation engine for in the earlier PowerPC versions of VirtualPC (interestingly, this engine is now used to run XBox 1 [x86] games on the XBox 360 [PowerPC]) - in other words, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to kernel engineering and virtualisation. His presentation was a very interesting thing to watch, and it offered a little bit more insight into Windows 7, the codename for the successor to Windows Vista, planned for 2010.
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RE[2]: So can we...
by Kroc on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 15:55 UTC in reply to "RE: So can we..."
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I thought Vista was more like OSX.0. Slow, incompatible, horribly inadequate and it'll be five revisions later before it's up to scratch.

The problem with Vista is that if MS move to a new OS and virtualise Vista, Vista will end up being heavier than the new OS, what a drag that will be. It would have been far, far better if MS had virtualised XP inside of Vista and dropped all backcompat in the name of a cleaner, leaner stack on top of the Kernel.

Vista was mismanaged. I don't doubt the programmers themselves because Microsoft produce good, solid products on every front except for consumer Windows releases!

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RE[3]: So can we...
by Constantine XVI on Mon 22nd Oct 2007 20:25 in reply to "RE[2]: So can we..."
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Except OSX was (from the Mac community's standpoint) a completely new OS, where Vista is just more stuffs piled onto NT5 (2000 and XP), and I highly doubt they can do much to make it better other than stripping it down to the bare essentials and putting something new on top of it (which will be "WinOSX")

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