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Opera Software The first Beta of Opera 9.5 has been released. "Opera 9.5 adds Full Text History Search allowing you to access find pages you forgot to bookmark by simply typing just a few words into your toolbar! Opera also gives you the ability to Create Search shortcuts from any search field on the Web; and to Synchronize your Bookmarks, Speed Dial with any other Mac or PC computer, your cell phone, or the Opera-powered Nintendo Wii Internet Channel through My Opera."
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My first post...
by nilkki on Fri 26th Oct 2007 07:00 UTC
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Yeah, i registered just to be able to express my love for opera.

I have to say that i'm really impressed how much better the 9.5 beta1 for unix is than previous releases. The previous versions were way behind windows versions in speed, but this new beta is really responsive & fast. Plus it takes ~15Mb of memory with 15 tabs open, while thunderbird takes ~20Mb...

I think that open-source software, when i gets big enough, suffers from not having a boss saying: now we'll rewrite the engine. On open source you have long debates whether to rewrite or not.

This is one closed-source software that i can really recommend. Rarely you see a engine rewrite that actually makes things way better in all aspects (at least that's what seems like now).

Sorry for the post being a bit incoherent, i had to pretend working while writing it...

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