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GTK+ "Ars was at FOSSCamp this weekend. Think of FOSSCamp as an 'un-conference' without a set agenda where the minds behind open source projects get together and plot world domination (and, err, ways to improve their code). One fascinating session (and one that shows how FOSSCamp works and why it's so productive) was given by Mirco Muller, who discussed using OpenGL in GTK applications. Muller - the developer behind Cairo-Clock and the LowFat image viewer - talked about the state of OpenGL support in desktop applications and described various techniques that developers can use to make OpenGL content integrate better with conventional GTK user interfaces."
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RE[2]: "Richer" = "Wasted Cycles"
by destraht on Tue 30th Oct 2007 23:38 UTC in reply to "RE: "Richer" = "Wasted Cycles""
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Fundamentally I don't think that there is anything wrong with bling, however the way that it is implemented in almost every platform really sucks. We need to move towards having an option that augments what is already available. We need to remember that in several years time the processing time that will be required to perform these steps will be negligible.

So why don't we do it the good Unix way and do it right. It should be forever optional. I think that a reasonable example of this kind of thought are shell applications that support mouse clicks. Its cool and you never have to worry about a mouse only shell app. You could do it but it would be just plain silly. As long as we keep that spirit it will work out right.

Another good reason to do it right is to keep X11 forwarding working well.

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