MAZ Lab Presents Innovative Visual Development Environment

The MIM Visual Development Environment simplifies software programming by turning it into an intuitive visual environment for novice and experienced programmers. Maz Lab claims this is a huge innovation. They sent us –exclusively– three mockups of their upcoming product (shot 1, shot 2, shot 3). Read more for the full press release.


MONTREAL, May 29, 2003 – Maz Laboratory, a leading edge software development company with extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence, Real-time simulation and Graphic User Interface design, today announced their breakthrough visual development environment, the Modular Intelligence Machine (MIM)TM . This Visual Development Environment (VDE) has as its goal, to simplify software programming through a visually animated authoring environment that covers all phases of software development through a single user interface.

Maz Laboratory’s MIM is an intuitive and highly visual open programming environment that enables individuals and corporations to drastically reduce programming time, therefore increasing productivity, efficiency and cost savings. MIM’s patent-pending technology proposes a revolutionary new way of programming computers while retaining complete access to legacy systems and interfaces. The MIM does not replace other programming languages (for example Visual Basic, C, C#, C++ and Java). Rather, it integrates seamlessly and complements them, thus making new software programs faster and easier to create and manage, while securing current investments in legacy systems.

Among MIM’s unique and innovative features are a completely visual and visually animated environment covering all phases of software development including planning, creation, editing and debugging, fully integrated software project management from within the visual environment, scalable environment allowing novices as well as experts to develop software, a collaborative environment allowing many developers to work on the same project at the same time, only one user interface to learn for all aspects of software development, a complete connectivity to external devices, programming languages, databases and tools, extendible through software development kits at all level of functionality, and full portability achieved through user interfaces entirely based on OpenGL.

MAZ Laboratory’s MIM software development platform:

  • Drastically reduces software development time and costs through a sophisticated visual user interface;
  • Unifies, under one single user interface, all aspects of software development;
  • Integrates seamlessly with legacy systems to take full advantage of existing software built with other tools and technologies;
  • Provides all necessary high-level features required to implement professional applications.

    MAZ Laboratory’s advanced 3D visual programming technology (MIM) seamlessly integrates with existing technologies (such as Operating Systems APIs, Language Libraries, Run-time Engines and Hardware devices) to create a visually dynamic and intuitive programming environment for both novice and experienced programmers.

    MAZ Laboratory’s Modular Intelligence Machine (MIM) will be available in BETA release in the last quarter of 2003 either as a standalone technology (through a MIM Platform Player) or as a customizable environment (through MIM Software Development Toolkits).

    The MIM Visual Development Environment (VDE) is made of various modules combined to provide a unique, user-friendly 3D visual interface. It is via this universal platform that software can be created, managed, and executed, all within a fully collaborative multi-user environment. Through an extensive set of Software Development Toolkits (SDK), the MIM provides the flexibility of easily integrating legacy code, specific hardware drivers, optimized routines, AI algorithms, so that users can create their own libraries from C/C++ code or other programming languages.

    MAZ Laboratory’s Modular Intelligence Machine (MIM) environment is ideally suited for companies, laboratories and individuals who lack programming expertise, but possess field-specific knowledge that must be translated into software programs relevant to their specific domains.

    MAZ Laboratory is currently expanding its technology partner base. For more information on MAZ Laboratory’s partnership programs, please write to [email protected].

    More about MIM
    MAZ Laboratory’s Modular Intelligence Machine (MIM) technology is a breakthrough visual programming environment. Its innovative, open platform simplifies software development and brings sophisticated, easy-to-use visual tools to the hands of programmers as well as to less technically experienced field experts and professionals.

    This translates into massive reductions in programming time, and increased savings, productivity and efficiency for the corporation.

    About MAZ Laboratory, Inc.
    MAZ Laboratory Inc. has as its core mission, to ease the task of programming computers through new intuitive interfaces, tools and technologies. MAZ Laboratory is a leading edge software development company with extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence, Real-time simulation and Graphic User Interface design. The company is dedicated to simplifying software programming by designing and bringing to market advanced visual programming technologies. MAZ Laboratory offers its own proprietary software technology called the Modular Intelligence Machine (MIM®), a Visual Development Environment (VDE) for rapidly developing, integrating and deploying complex software solutions.

    For more information on MAZ Laboratory, please visit the website at

    MIM, IDE are registered trademarks of MAZ Laboratory. All other trademarks are the properties of their owners.

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