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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "You can tell that the new PRS-505 is from Sony because 1) it's a gorgeous piece of kit in a tiny package, 2) it has a Memory Stick Pro Duo expansion slot, and 3) it uses proprietary DRM. But the last two points, so unfortunately characteristic of Sony in the last decade, suggest that the company is changing-slowly. Not only does the new Reader sport an SD card slot alongside the Pro Duo slot, but it plays AAC and MP3 files; ATRAC doesn't even make an appearance on the spec sheet. Oh, and did I mention that the Reader is Penguin-powered?"
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I really want a ebook reader ..
by kragil on Tue 13th Nov 2007 20:00 UTC
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.. this could be it. But i think wireless internet should be included. The price tag is not a problem. I have a lot of very cool PDFs that would justify the price.

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Good. Buy my ebook when its out later this year.
</shameless plug>

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PDF on a PDA or any handheld with a small screen sucks 90% of the time. Most of it is due to the fact that PDF's don't reflow to adjust to the screen.

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They do with a smart reader. E.g. Press ctrl-4 in acroread.

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I recently retired my Palm T5 as a PDF/TXT/DOC reader and upgraded to a N800 specifically because the limitations of PDF on the T5s small screen finally became too much. (seems there's a new trend towards big margins and tiny text with the "print" link on most news articles these days)

The screen quality and refresh on the N800 is fantastic though. If you want Wifi, as much spaces as you get afford in two SD cards and a great screen then it may be worth looking at. Heck, if I'd known I'd have waited a few extra months for the N810.

I like the idea of the reader and have been tracking it's development distantly through Pop Sci articles but for me, it's like the iPod.. why would I downgrade to something which only plays music/video or only displays eBooks when that is but one of many functions in my already used PDA/Tablet.

(That's not to nock the idea by any means though. Some people want just a music/video player or just a text viewer.)

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And you can install *debs as the OS underneath is debian based. In addition the news that Garnet provides access to the thousands of Palm applications still out there.

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