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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The Asus Eee PC challenges many conventional assumptions about mobile computing. The daring, diminutive device combines a svelte subnotebook form factor with a unique Linux software platform and a budget-friendly price - factors that could make this unprecedented product a mainstream marvel. Last week, my colleague Jon described the Eee PC as game-changing: a characterization that we will put to the test in this review."
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RE[2]: rip off
by leos on Wed 14th Nov 2007 21:52 UTC in reply to "RE: rip off"
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I got a used Dell D600 Laptop with a 2Ghz Centrino, 512 RAM, 14 inch screen, CD-RW/DVD drive, and a Radeon R250 for far less money than the Eee PC. No powerhouse, but it runs most games.

So, it's 4 times the weight, way bulkier to carry around, has a spinning hard drive (far less shock resistant), and probably far shorter battery life.
For your main laptop, sure, get a normal one, it will do more things, but it's not an effortlessly portable device. It's big and heavy and hot in comparison to the EeePC.

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RE[3]: rip off
by Morgan on Wed 14th Nov 2007 23:15 in reply to "RE[2]: rip off"
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Exactly. This thing was never meant to be your main or only PC. It serves the same function as the bigger Sharp Linux PDAs but with a better screen and keyboard at half the price and no language conversion needed. I for one love the idea of this kind of technology.

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