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ReactOS The opensource Windows-compatible operating system ReactOS released a status update today. The highlights are the ability to run 2 applications (screenshots), kernel bugfixes, a restructured win32 subsystem, and plans about the next release (December 2007).
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RE: Live CD
by Joe User on Thu 15th Nov 2007 01:27 UTC in reply to "Live CD"
Joe User
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"Is there a live ReactOS CD yet? I couldn't find one on their website".

Sure, on their download page, 2nd link :-)

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RE[2]: Live CD
by Rugxulo on Thu 15th Nov 2007 15:37 in reply to "RE: Live CD"
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They really should use 7-Zip for their .ZIP archives (or "advzip -z4" from AdvanceComp). It would save them > 1 MB of download size. And if you think that's not enough (times a billion downloaders), a simple .7z archive is much smaller (liveCD is 19 MB for -mx=1, 14 MB for -mx=9). I reported this all to them in IRC a few weeks ago, but I guess everyone doesn't mind such "minimal" time and bandwidth loss. Hey, whatever, their call. ;)

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RE[3]: Live CD
by gedmurphy on Thu 15th Nov 2007 16:48 in reply to "RE[2]: Live CD"
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The trunk builds ( are in 7z. Its only the sourceforge stuff which is in zip format as this is still a more universal format.

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