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Multimedia, AV Having this recent infatuation with video, I embarked on a trip in the video editor world for Mac, Windows and Linux a few months ago. After days of intense searching and testing last June, I decided on the Windows platform and Sony Vegas. Vegas is one of the quickly rising video applications on the market today. This is an introduction of the application and the features that sets it apart from all the rest.
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After I read the review the first time, something was sticking in my brain, that for the life of me, I just could not explain, it didn't feel exactly right, no not right at all, when I realized you weren't on the ball. You say the PPC kept nicely at the desired speed and you gave the CPU's rate, you stated the PC dropped frames and gave its speed, but that still is not all that great, as there's much you left out that's required to truly know, if the software was limited by hardware, or if the software was just so-so: what speed were the hard drives and what were the machine's RAM, because if the PC was notably lacking, of course it will go BLAM! So, tell me, Eugenia, also which OS's versions were used as well as video cards besides, before I continue this rhyming, and everyone groans and hides?

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Jonathan, you don't understand. The reason iMovie and FCE didn't cut it for me because they don't support 24p, not because of any OS versions or graphics cards. The reason for me going with Vegas was its sheer features, not how much faster or slower my PC was. iMovie is great as a learning project, but after a month, it just doesn't cut it anymore in terms of NLE features.

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