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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Erstwhile bitter rivals Dell and Sun Microsystems are set to announce that Sun's Solaris and OpenSolaris operating systems will be supported in all of Dell's servers. Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell and Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz plan to make the announcement during a joint appearance at the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 conference today.
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RE: Strange move
by somebody on Thu 15th Nov 2007 15:45 UTC in reply to "Strange move"
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I'd go for a Sun hardware and have Solaris instead nowadays

Yep, now look from this point of view. Nearest Sun service I could have is in next country. Could you imagine mission critical server like that?

The only way Sun could expand here is if people adopt Solaris to the measure where Sun hardware providers would start popping in our country. But as long as demand doesn't exists both Sun products (OS and hardware) are not worth bother.

What do you need for server? Certified hardware and hardware support. Sun obviously lacks later here. Which they can expand with Dell.

Dell? We've got 3 god resellers with good (as far as Dell service goes) service. This could probably be the first sane choice to be worth to apply Solaris to mission critical services here.

Now play a little predicting (or guessing) game. Solaris sells with Dell fine. People start becoming interested about real Sun iron. There now is demand. Time to pop some Sun resellers here....

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