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fedora installation woes
by karl on Mon 19th Nov 2007 13:55 UTC
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I finally got around to trying fedora again recently. I downloaded the fedora 8 GNOME livecd and tried to install it. Unfortunately I must have had really, really bad luck-fedora 8 failed to install properly on 3 different machines-the third attempt did result in something vaguely usable but ended up not being properly configured. First I ran into BIOS problems- only one of my machines was capable of seemlessly installing to any partition beyond the 32Gb barrier(the release notes mention passing a bootloader option to solve this problem-yet this option is not supported on the GNOME livecd).

Of the 2 machines on which this failed one is only 14 months old-asus premium A8N-SLI, the other being an older Dell Dimension 8100. The machine on which it did install is a HP pavillion slimline. Yet upon trying to install fedora 8 on the slimline the installer incorrectly used the intel graphics driver which failed to initialize my LCD, forcing me to intervene and change the driver to i810. This resulted in a botched installtion-only later did I find out that fedora 8 had failed to correctly get sound working..

I haven't given up completely yet- at some point I will try and get sound working on the slimline, yet I must say this was my most abysmal experience installing linux that I have had in many, many years. It should be noted that I have installed Ubuntu seemlessly on all of these machines with no such issues. Moreoever I have Gentoo running on all of these machines without problems.

Unfortunately it appears to me that fedora is at least one year behind Ubuntu when it comes to initial installation and configuration-which saddens me because fedora is doing so much cutting-edge work in regards to pulseaudio, selinux etc. To date I have only encountered 2 machines where I had difficulties installing Ubuntu(I have installed it on something like 80 machines in the past 3 years). And none of my machines are particularly problematic-they were purchased with linux compatibility first and foremost and built with hand picked hardware for linux. It is a shame when the great work the fedora devs are doing are overclouded by inane installation problems....

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RE: fedora installation woes
by Morgan on Mon 19th Nov 2007 14:25 in reply to "fedora installation woes"
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My only problems with Fedora have always been related to the ISO. I'm not sure if it's getting corrupted in the download, though the MD5/SHA always checks out. Perhaps it is in the burning stage, though one would think that over two years and several different brands of burners and discs I'd be able to get one decent Fedora CD or DVD burnt. No, even this latest release resulted in a DVD with errors. I tried installing anyway and I got seek errors in the GIMP packages; skipping ahead locked up the drive.

Perhaps it's time I shelled out some cash and bought a boxed copy just to try it out on my system. I've heard so many wonderful things about Fedora and I really want to give it a go.

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RE[2]: fedora installation woes
by karl1 on Mon 19th Nov 2007 18:52 in reply to "RE: fedora installation woes"
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You can always mount the dvd iso over loopback and then NFS export the mounted iso. Then you simply start the install with:

linux askmethod

and you point it at your NFS share when asked.

If you need more detailed help and command lines and are serious about doing a network install, let me know and I'll help you out.

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justin.68 Member since:

Funny... I experienced the same problems several times with Suse betas and final (10.2 and 10.3) releases and then with Frugalware...

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RE: fedora installation woes
by trooper9 on Tue 20th Nov 2007 15:50 in reply to "fedora installation woes"
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I had quite a few problems with Fedora 8 myself. First, I had trouble getting the .iso for the DVD to burn properly; once I got that done the install wouldn't complete. I had better luck with the Live CD. But while it would burn fine, once it installed the system was very sluggish and I had a few random lock-ups.

The icedtea version of java seemed to work ok until I installed (via yum). After that, geko crashed on close every time. Odd. I'm pretty sure the two are related somehow as geko never crashed until after OOo was put on the system -- there were one or two icedtea deps installed with OOo if I remember correctly.

Not happy with this release of Fedora. I'll try it again in six months or so.

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