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RE: fedora installation woes
by trooper9 on Tue 20th Nov 2007 15:50 UTC in reply to "fedora installation woes"
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I had quite a few problems with Fedora 8 myself. First, I had trouble getting the .iso for the DVD to burn properly; once I got that done the install wouldn't complete. I had better luck with the Live CD. But while it would burn fine, once it installed the system was very sluggish and I had a few random lock-ups.

The icedtea version of java seemed to work ok until I installed (via yum). After that, geko crashed on close every time. Odd. I'm pretty sure the two are related somehow as geko never crashed until after OOo was put on the system -- there were one or two icedtea deps installed with OOo if I remember correctly.

Not happy with this release of Fedora. I'll try it again in six months or so.

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