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BSD and Darwin derivatives "DesktopBSD 1.6RC3 for AMD64 is now available for download via BitTorrent and from our mirror sites. It includes several improvements made since the release of 1.6RC3 for i386, including: better performance by disabling SMP on single core/processor computers, fixed installation on disks with special partition names, inclusion of the FreeBSD ports collection on the DVD, and more."
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RE[2]: Good news
by Daniel Seuffert on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 12:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Good news"
Daniel Seuffert
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Completely rewrite all the Qt-tools in gtk? For what please? You want DesktopBSD to throw away years of work for exactly no gain in efficiency, features etc.? Uh, we will have a lot more users when we proudly announce it on our website... And which Newbie knows the difference between gtk and Qt? You don't think the same amount of work would be better spent improving the existing work in Qt? Please think twice.

Please stop those useless discussions. Exactly nobody of the targeted audience cares about things like KDE vs. Gnome or gtk vs. Qt.

Ask an Apple user if he knows the diffrence between PPC or Intel or the difference between a Mach kernel or a BSD kernel. He will tell you he has an computer and he wants to browse, mail etc. Get the message please.

And if you like Gnome or XFCE that much you can easily install it via Ports, packages oder .pbi in PC-BSD (don't know if there are pbi for it).

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RE[3]: Good news
by vermaden on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 12:52 in reply to "RE[2]: Good news"
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I do not know about what you are arguing so much, did I offended you or DesktopBSD by saying my thougths?

Having two almost identical BSD based OSes is usefull for me, difrences?

2. DesktopBSD Tools
2. DesktopBSD Ports Manager
3. Installer

If the both use KDE and PC-BSD users can add DekstopBSD Tools just like that by ports or even by PBI, where is a place for DesktopBSD?

A good idea would be to merge these projects into one KDE based distro with PBI's [optional at install or later addon], DekstopBSD Tools and DekstopBSD Ports manager.

If DesktopBSD would offer Gnome/XFCE (GTK2) environment it would be better to compete with PC-BSD, or even to provide an installer option to choose KDE/Gnome/XFCE desktop.

Currently I see no point in choosing DesktopBSD over PC-BSD while you can have all the same with PC-BSD + PBI's, which are great for CASUAL users.

Yes you can add XFCE/Gnome/Fluxbox/FVWM/dwm ... from ports, but tell me how many CASUAL users will do that?

Its about good defaults and that is the place where Ubuntu got so much attention, it just had great defaults, you install it and just use it without almost any configuration, well wallpaper maybe.

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RE[4]: Good news
by Daniel Seuffert on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 13:25 in reply to "RE[3]: Good news"
Daniel Seuffert Member since:

1. I'm not offended in any way.

2. You gave the answer to all those people wanting wm X instead of KDE: "but tell me how many CASUAL users will do that?" Answer: nobody. The only people wanting Gnome or XFCE or the like are Linux users. The rest of this planet doesn't care. And if you realize yourself that nobody really cares why all those proposals that DesktopBSD should siwtch from KDE to something else?

3. Please stop using any term of "competing" once you mention PC-BSD and DesktopBSD. We both take care of our users, period. And it doesn't matter at all if PC-BSD or DesktopBSD has more users. We compete with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in that distinct order. 90+ percent of all users are Windows, 5+ percent are Mac OS X and maybe 1 or 2 percent are Linux. And now you know which potential users you have to focus on. Every new user for PC-BSD or DesktopBSD is one more FreeBSD user. People switching from DesktopBSD to PC-BSD or vice versa will not improve anything. And I really like it you use PC-BSD, stop arguing here and help PC-BSD!

4. If PC-BSD users like DesktopBSD-tools that's fine. That's what BSD is about: Freedom of choice. If the tools work for you: great. If they don't work: please give detailed feedback why.

5. Yes, Ubuntu did a good job on defaults. Some of them I don't like personally but that's a different story. Conclusion? Help FreeBSD to get better. Better than Ubuntu and everything else out there.

6. Merge DesktopBSD - PC-BSD: Maybe some time it will happen. That's a question of time, philosophy, people etc.

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