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Editorial This day-after-Thanksgiving, when many Americans are enjoying a day off and several others are at work goofing around on OSNews, we decided to ask you: what's your "killer app?" What's the one app you can't live without? Sound off in the comments - one app only!
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Choice versus necessity...
by Dave_K on Sat 24th Nov 2007 18:34 UTC
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There are a load of applications that I have to use due to work requirements. I can't really do without applications like Microsoft Office, simply because I need the compatibility they offer, not necessarily because I prefer them to the alternatives.

There are quite a few apps that I really enjoy using and really miss then they aren't available, often because I have them configured to meet my needs. EAC and Fubar2000 are two examples.

EAC is by far the best audio CD ripper I've used, essential when trying to archive a large collection to lossless files. It's supported with various 3rd party plugins and utilities to make that process quick and painless.

Foobar2000 doesn't look too impressive at first glance, but is a truly brilliant media player. There are none of the annoyances in other players (ridiculous eye-candy skins for example) and loads of useful features. For example the file tagging and conversion tools work great, making it easy to manage your collection with that one tool. The whole thing can be tweaked and expanded in countless ways, making it one of the most flexible apps I've ever used.

If I had to choose just one application I wouldn't want to live without it'd definitely be Opera. Like quite a few other people here I do a lot of web browsing, both for entertainment and research purposes. Opera is in a totally different league to any other browser I've used.

It's amazingly fast and stable even when a large number of pages are open, best of all the user interface allows that number of pages to be managed effectively. There are just so many great little touches and useful features in Opera that it's like going into the past when using an alternative. Using any other browser feels like working with one hand tied behind my back, so limited, slow and frustrating.

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