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Linux The creator of Linux is excited about solid-state drives, expects progress in graphics and wireless networking, and says the operating system is strong in virtualization despite his personal lack of interest in the area.
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Please elaborate: what was so bad about Ubuntu 7.10 compared to previous versions?

Some weeks ago I put a list of main "bad things" I encounter in latest Ubuntu, not present in previous versions.

A quick reminder:

- broken debmirror (for me it was critical since I use it)

- screensaver settings in LiveCD - activating it the same moment GNOME is displayed - at first sight it looks similar like problems with monitor mode being detected wrong.

- "screen and graphic" xorg.conf's ultimate destroyer.

- graphics card and monitor detection failed on my two PC - 6.06, 6.10 and 7.04 detected them fine.

- Synaptic and Add/remove works horribly with offline repos DVDs. Even created with care - "universe" being separated from "main", "restricted" and "multiverse" disk sets. But this isnt new. 6.06 AFAIR work quite good. 6.10 and later went bad.

- AND ONE MORE BUG since I complained here about 7.10 - JeOS cannot work with defeault settings of Vmware - at least under Windows - cannot start when virtual HD controller is set as default. Also "disk integrity check" fails even the disk is ok.

I discovered it yesterday and located the fix for that issue, but was terrified - even checked my PC RAM for errors - it looks like bad download over and over again. JeOS is good idea, but the way it was released is disastrous.

JeOS 7.10.1 "point release" is REQUIRED !!!

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Two points: first, I wasn't asking you, I was asking the guy who thought it was so bad the best course of action was to install Fedora 8 over it. I want to know what it was that made him do that (because I suspect it's a load of baloney). As such, I'm not really interested in what *you* didn't like about it.

Second, none of these points are major, except perhaps the monitor/graphics card detection, and even then I'd be surprised to see just how many people are affected by that bug. Not that many, I'd bet.

Also, what the heck is JeOS?

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I wasn't asking you

Why not ? It is a public forum after all.

As such, I'm not really interested in what *you* didn't like about it.

Well, I hope that you are not an Ubuntu developer ;-)

Second, none of these points are major

People making offline DVD's are certainly in minority, but when someone wants to start Ubuntu online mirror, and cannot build it on Ubuntu 7.10 itself because of broken debmirror ... well in my opinion IT IS serious issue.

Also, what the heck is JeOS?

It is latest *official* derivative of Ubuntu, designed for VM, in case you did not noticed.

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