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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "It may be a brave opinion but I predict that Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista are going to be the two operating systems that will take over the largest chunk of the desktop OS market during the next couple of years. This comparison is based on my experience with both systems during the last couple of weeks on two different computers."
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RE: One point...
by cyclops on Tue 4th Dec 2007 23:00 UTC in reply to "One point..."
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"While having an all Intel based laptop is a giant step in the right direction, buying a laptop from a maker that isn't Linux friendly is not. Intel chips cover ninety percent of the laptop with the remain ten percent being proprietary to the manufacturer. (eg. BIOS and ACPI)"

Yes because the BIOS is the think that stops all those Linux stops everything being installed...oh and ACPI, Oh wait no its not.

I hope you have looked into the FSF reimplementing the BIOS, and have signed up...If its that important to you. ;)

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RE[2]: One point...
by google_ninja on Wed 5th Dec 2007 07:39 in reply to "RE: One point..."
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First off, how the hell did you get to 0.02 average cyclops? I find your comments recently have been a lot more reasonable, and less "zealotous" recently (I know how much you hate that word ;) )

But more on topic, from what I understand ACPI is a disaster of a spec. Basically, people implement it enough to get it working with windows, and stop there. Considering how well it works in linux, I can only imagine the massive amount of effort that OSS developers have put into working around bad implementations.

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RE[2]: One point...
by Flatland_Spider on Wed 5th Dec 2007 14:21 in reply to "RE: One point..."
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I wasn't saying that the BIOS and ACPI were keeping the laptop from booting or keeping Linux from being installed. I was saying he shouldn't have bought a Toshiba if he was seriously wanted to run Linux problem free. That's great that he bought all Intel, but next time buy a Thinkpad or something else Linux friendly.

Basically I got tired of him whining about things not working without having a clue why they weren't.

Linux BIOS, is that what you are referring to? Honestly I haven't looked at it much at all. I've always looked at OpenBoot and EFI more. I've never had problems with the legacy BIOS aside from it being legacy.

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