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Mac OS X Since my Cube could not run Leopard, and I did not have any other Macs, I was unable to delve into Leopard right away. Apple NL was kind enough to fix this problem for us, by generously loaning me a brand new MacBook with Leopard installed so I could review it for OSNews. Read on for the findings.
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by Tuishimi on Sat 8th Dec 2007 08:35 UTC
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Thom, I have a mac mini (2.33 core 2 duo) running Leopard, I don't drop frames (at least not that I can tell).

Also, the fact that stacks glom together the icons from the first three items in it make them stand out a little on the dock. But I agree, it could be more dramatic and consistently indicated by some sort of iconic emblem or wrapper.

Performance has been pretty good. Networking seems much improved (at least my VPN connection w/work seems smoother, faster).

I've managed to hose a few things with my "customizations" but all in all a good experience so far.

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