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OpenBSD Richard Stallman sent a message to OpenBSD-Misc, explaining why he doesn't recommend OpenBSD. "From what I have heard, OpenBSD does not contain non-free software (though I am not sure whether it contains any non-free firmware blobs). However, its ports system does suggest non-free programs, or at least so I was told when I looked for some BSD variant that I could recommend. I therefore exercise my freedom of speech by not including OpenBSD in the list of systems that I recommend to the public." His mail started a huge thread (that's just page 1) and since then he's under a blast of messages from Theo de Raadt and the OpenBSD users. De Raadt replied: "Richard, you are wrong. You said very clearly in your interview that the ports tree contains non-free software. It does not. It is just a scaffold of Makefiles containing URLs, and an occasional patch here or there. You are just plain wrong. And you are not enough of a man to admit that you are wrong. I may be unfriendly at times, but you are a power-misusing hypocritical liar who attacks projects that try harder than any others to only make free software available. Shame on you."
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by danboid on Mon 17th Dec 2007 20:33 UTC
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Grade A flame bait thread indeed! Not missing out on this one! ;)

To those people getting all worked up over licenses and those others worrying this squabbling might look bad for FOSS- the real world not only doesn't notice the license wars it doesn't care either, just as long as they don't have to pay anyone everything's cool- most people aren't bothered about the 'Free as in speech' bit. Sad, maybe, but not as sad as the license wars.

I don't understand the people who come on these threads and do a "Stallmans an unrealistic extremist" - don't you see he HAS to act this way and we have all benefitted immensely simply because he tries to be so stubborn? If he acted any differently he'd be hypocritical and if he wasn't this way there would've been no (L)GPL etc. as he wouldn't be bothered about software freedom otherwise.

"Oooh! You're really getting on my wick ranting against binary blobs Stallman. You use 'em too!"

Okaaay... so what would be you response if Stallman decided to start promoting WGA and DRM and binary drivers "Aha! Great, I'm glad he's chilled out a bit. I was getting sick of all that hippy freedom junk"??

I just don't understand why people STILL get so upset over Stallman's perpetual refusal to accept non-free software. It's like all these people have severe learning difficulties- just because Stallman says proprietary apps are evil doesn't stop you from using them and- guess what- he's gonna be saying EXACTLY the same thing next time you hear him speak. Really! My worry is who's gonna replace him when he's gone.

If you enjoy, support or use FOSS, be it GPL/BSD or whatever you OWE Stallman... a LOT! Yes, you too Theo! What do you compile BSD with eh? No man has every done as much for free software as Stallman and likely no-one will ever top it either.

Put that under your BSD license! ;)

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RE: Classic
by JeffS on Mon 17th Dec 2007 21:03 in reply to "Classic"
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"I just don't understand why people STILL get so upset over Stallman's perpetual refusal to accept non-free software."

Great point. I don't understand it either.

I mean, I use proprietary software, when it suits my needs. But I do prefer totally free software wherever possible. And I don't take an "all Stallman" stance, I balance with practicality.

But I'm damn glad Stallman is out there advocating free software and denouncing non-free software. That, even though I'll use non-free software.. Stallman doing that has benefited me and everyone else.

And to the poster who said Stallman has lost relevance - Then how come Sun Microsystems played a tape of Stallman singing their praises for GPL'ing Java, during the press announcement about the GPLing of Java?

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