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Legal As we say in Dutch, de kogel is door de kerk: Think Secret will cease all activities after reaching a settlement with Apple in a lawsuit Apple had filed against the website. In exchange for closing down Think Secret, Nick DePlume, its owner, will not have to reveal its sources to Apple. The press release on the Think Secret website reads: "Apple and Think Secret have settled their lawsuit, reaching an agreement that results in a positive solution for both sides. As part of the confidential settlement, no sources were revealed and Think Secret will no longer be published." My take: I have respect for the way DePlume protected his sources; very commendable. I have, however, little respect for Apple in this case (I have written, rather controversially, about it before), and it just scares the living daylights out of me that a company can exert this much power over independent websites.
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I'm guessing Apple did do an internal investigation, but failed to find out who was leaking the info. It is probably a little hard to find that out I guess, esp. if the person/s didn't give the info away while working.

Shutting down sites that make their lives from spilling secrets seems to be in the interests of hardware makers of all kinds, not just Apple.

Have you noticed that both MS and Apple don't hold secrets when it comes to the OS. Leopard was seen well over a year before it was released, Vista a little longer (he he)...

But both MS and Apple keep some hardware secrets closer to their chests. If MS is working on new hardware with far better specs, we won't hear about it "from them" until it's ready to be released. Why? Because they want the current model to sell... Most companies are the same.

This is especially true of Apple who tend to come out with models that are much better and (sometimes) cheaper than the previous one. If I hear that a new MacBook will be released in January 15th, I will hold off buying one now. Of course we could argue that Apple always updates it's laptops, but there is a difference with knowing it will be Jan 15th and not knowing.

Yes, some Apple fans do try and rationalise things a little too much, but in this case, I think Apple have a case and Think Secret not so much.

But just so you know, all fans, Apple, MS and Linux all rationalise things. I'm tired to apologetic fans too from all sides, including Apple. There are things Apple does that I don't agree with, and things MS does that I like.

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