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Window Managers "There are literally dozens of window managers that you can use with your favorite desktop environment to get a beautiful and appealing desktop. If you want to fine-tune your window manager, here are two programs that can help you control everything from application window size to pinning an application to all workspaces to fixing a position for your application windows to resizing desktops. One, wmctrl, works with any window managers that adheres to the Extended Window Manager Hints, while Devil's Pie is a window-matching utility, which means it can configure application windows based on defined rules."
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KDE isn't for everyone
by mzilikazi on Tue 25th Dec 2007 00:16 UTC
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Try your beloved KDE on a PII w/ 128M and you'll see that Kwin doesn't do much of anything except consume everything is sight much like Roseanne Barr at a buffet. It's not just a matter of choosing the right desktop it's also a matter of choosing something that keeps you productive on the hardware you have.

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RE: KDE isn't for everyone
by superstoned on Tue 25th Dec 2007 15:39 in reply to "KDE isn't for everyone"
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Sure, such a system isn't fun with KDE. Luckily, most ppl nowadays have a system with 256 mb ram or more - which is enough to run KDE smoothly (see the EEE pc as a good example).

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