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FreeBSD FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 has been released. "The ports team has gotten the release package sets built for most of the architectures (sparc64 is still a long way off) so we have begun including the pre-built packages on the ISOs. Even a very basic post-build test turned up one latent bug in sysinstall, and once that was fixed a more extensive test (load both KDE and GNOME) turned up two more latent bugs. The 7.0-RC1 builds have one of the three bugs fixed in them. The other two bugs aren't fatal to installs on 7.0-RC1 (they were fatal to installs on 6.3-RC2) and we have more 7.0-RCs coming so I went ahead with making 7.0-RC1 available as-is."
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Just one little insignificant rant
by TechniCookie on Tue 1st Jan 2008 04:10 UTC
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Why are they labeling this a 'release candidate' when it contains known bugs. They are promising more RCs already in the announcement. If this will definitely not be the final release (and therefor not a candidate), how can they label it a release candidate? Why not just call it a beta (as it contains bugs they intend to fix before release)?

With that said I would like to thank the FreeBSD team for delivering a great product, my favorite of all the unices.

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An RC is better-than-beta, and the two known problems aren't fatal (memory leaks in the installer; if you've got 512MB or more of RAM you should be good)... that's pretty much the standard for a release candidate, you give people a chance to shake down the "final" version for any show-stopping bugs while you continue to fix the more minor bugs.

Looking forward to this, I've got a couple of new disks for ZFS on my server. :-)

- chrish

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