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Benchmarks "Earlier this week Apple released updated Mac Pros that use Intel's new Penryn processors. Also new is the fact that the standard Mac Pro configuration now comes with eight (instead of four) cores. Of course, what I've been wondering (as I sit here and think about getting a new Mac Pro) is how does the new standard eight-core Mac Pro perform compared to the old high-end Mac Pro? I've gathered Geekbench 2 results for both Mac Pros to find out."
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RE[6]: Back to basic first
by B. Janssen on Sun 13th Jan 2008 16:10 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Back to basic first"
B. Janssen
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Who cares if it's not precise zero? It's close enough to zero that it has no measurable impact on the environment.

I, for one, do and maintain it is not equal to zero, which it should be.

"Every little bit counts" is a mantra that might make people feel good, but it's not one that is sound from an engineering point of view. If something you do to save energy has no measurable impact, it doesn't matter, and no, the thought doesn't count.

Well, improve your measuring capabilities then. The switch to Becquerel from Curie was probably only a "feel-good" excercise, too. Or along other lines, setting the scale obviously dictates what leaves a measurable impact. Compared to the tons of kerosine dropped by a single airplane before every landing the fuel consumption of a SUV is neglible. It certainly has no measurable impact, don't you agree?

Another bit of perspective for you. You use as much energy in the couple of minutes you wait for your laptop to boot as it takes to keep it in sleep mode for a couple of hours. If you factor in the high energy usage of bootup/shutdown sequences (thanks to hitting the disk so hard), you might not even come out ahead!

And so we go full circle. You know, this little argument of ours started because someone actually asked for improved boot-procedures?

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