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Apple Like an anorexic fashion model, Apple's new super-thin MacBook Air has made too many compromises for the sake of being skinny. With such emaciated specs, many are asking: who would buy it?
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I'm interested.
by NathanHill on Wed 16th Jan 2008 02:08 UTC
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If I had the cash, the Macbook Air would definitely be mine. It is a "dead sexy machine" as a previous commenter pointed out.

Yeah, I was disappointed that the processor was a little low at 1.6 Ghz. The SSD drive is also super expensive. But, I haven't been enamored (for a while anyway) on any Windows laptops available. They tend to offer all these seemingly cool features (flash card readers? rs232 ports? ugly vga ports?) - that end up just being annoyances. I'd prefer a machine that just worked and looked good. Looks like the Macbook Air has those two things going for it - looks + Leopard.

Plus, the Macbook Air would be perfect to take advantage of the new Time Capsule and AppleTV - why store all that video and music on the MBA anyway?

This is the way computers are moving - less cables all around please.

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RE: I'm interested.
by collywolly on Wed 16th Jan 2008 11:23 in reply to "I'm interested."
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Sorry, nothing that is comosed of a few chips, an LCD screen and pcb can be described as "sexy". Just as Politics is not "sexy". Doesn't matter how shiny a case you put it in.

For god sake everyone was saying that about the iPod nano when it first came out. Now the old form factor seems decidedly average. This thing will also be fairly average in a couple of years.

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Think of them as Laptops rather than Windows Laptops. Apple is a special case since they've always been a hardware company that happened to produce there own software too.

If you simply think of notebooks as hardware platforms independent of any brand of OS you may find something out there that better fits your needs. My personal order on the wishlist is Toughbook, Thinkpad, MacBook since they can all be free'd from the limitations of their OEM OS or, in the case of ThinkPad, ordered with a more robust and flexible OS preinstalled.

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That toughbook executive is nice the rest is butt ugly.

I can imagine a toughbook is the better bet when you are a miner and still have to access some data in a very moist and hazardous environment.

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