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BeOS & Derivatives Yesterday we reported on GoBE Productive Software (I knew that) returning to the market with a new version, backed by an Indian firm. In addition, the source article claimed GoBE Software was closing a deal on buying the BeOS operating system from what can only be Access. During the night (as in, CET) Bruce Hammond, CEO of GoBE Software, sent me an email with a few clarifications, and I have the permission to reprint that email below. Read more for the email.
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RE: KDE = Mac
by kragil on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 10:26 UTC in reply to "KDE = Mac"
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Are all "pillars" non-GPL ??

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RE[2]: KDE = Mac
by aseigo on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 17:11 in reply to "RE: KDE = Mac"
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they are all LGPL. you can read the KDE licensing policy that covers these things here:

as usual, it's on techbase and nicely filed in the Policies area. =)

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RE[2]: KDE = Mac
by mabhatter on Sun 27th Jan 2008 20:45 in reply to "RE: KDE = Mac"
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the problem with KDE is that QT the underlying components are Pay-for or GPL... only... they want the devloper license money so there is no LGPL. That's the main difference with Gnome being LGPL that allows developers to use the structure for free in pay-for products.

Distros like RedHat and Ubuntu feel that choosing GPL-only as a desktop will cut off ISV developer support and that Gnome with LGPL makes more sense. Considering there's the danger of the MS-Novell agreement "poisioning the [IP] water hole" so to speak TrollTech could do better if they worked the PR spin better for QT.

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