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Hardware, Embedded Systems "After the incredible success of the Asus Eee PC, other manufacturers are ready to get their piece of the pie. This means that within the next few months we are going to see this segment go from just two devices - the Eee PC and the Nanobook (which has yet to come out in the U.S. but which we have been hearing about for some time) - to many more." Another article on the Eee says: "Five of the 10 best-selling notebooks, including the top three models this weekend do not run Windows or Mac OS X. In fact, they are different models of the same diminutive notebook the Asus Eee PC - that runs on Linux."
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by JrezIN on Thu 31st Jan 2008 10:56 UTC
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As an owner of a EeePC... I've to say the the strongest point about this device (obviously besides small size) is how it's customizable. It comes with with Xandros Linux by default (using a quite nice easy to use interface, also by default), but Asus recommends installing Windows XP if you want too (the CD that comes with the machine has all the drivers... and also has the Xandros restore.)
The community is taking this device and working on several tweaks (like custom resolution video drivers and new Linux distributions focused in Eee), and also in quite nice documentation (the wiki in
...Hardware-wise, it's just a simple x86 machine, that will run anything you throw at it... and there's a lot of hacks already, from adding more internal flash memory, to including mobile modems and bluetooth... even a touch screen can be added without too much trouble.

Basically, Eee is a nice opportunity for Linux, it is a nice shift from the usual notebook market that usually don't let you customize you device too much, software and hardware, making you do all the job to look for compatible drivers and usability tools. It doesn't matter too much what preferences you have, Eee probably can fit those if you are comfortable with the hardware size.

I just hope more manufacturers will make their devices so and easy to customize like EeePC is... And hope that Linux soon will provide nice desktop solution for this kind of device (not that there's something wrong with linux on the device... it's just that it's not the best experience that can be provided... like Windows XP isn't too). I'm sure UI designers and all the work done too support mobile devices can come together and make this sub-notebooks a better experience! =]

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