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Opera Software "Tabs. Mouse gestures. User-agent switcher. Dedicated transfer window. Pop-up blocking and javascript abuse filtering. Integrated search box. Page zoom. Session saver. Chew on those features. We'll be coming back to them."
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It's called "inovation" ;)

If Opera named their widgets "Extensions", people would scream and say these aren't extensions because they don't extend the browser, they extend the desktop. The same way, Firefox's extensions are not widgets because they only extend Firefox itself. For instance you can't have a Firefox extension that shows an analog clock on your desktop, this is why it's called an extension, not a widget. Desktop vs. Browser. If Opera called its widgets "extensions", it wouldn't be accurate and people would once again complain. And Opera didn't invent widgets. They've been around for years. We shouldn't blame Opera for using an existing term and concept. People aren't forced to use widgets, they're there. Who wants to use them, can. Who doesn't shouldn't worry about it.

Regarding the Wand, Opera had to come up with a creative name, as it's a completely new feature. I think "Wand" is better than "Password autofiller and form autosubmitter" ;)

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