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Apple Ars has reviewed the new Mac Pro. "The performance of Harpertown and Stoakley is more evidence that Intel is doing right by Apple, and this eight-core monster is a worthy successor to the Mac Pro name. At USD 3599, it's expensive; the USD 800 cheaper 2.8GHz model will likely be adequate for the majority of users. But if you want maximum performance and a machine that's unlikely to show its age anytime soon, the Mac Pro is a good buy."
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RE[3]: Looks good but
by arokh on Thu 21st Feb 2008 00:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Looks good but"
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You don't get it do you... Some people thinks this solution is a lot better. On top, they have other things to do than spend hours building hardware and configuring the software. Don't try to enforce a PC on a happy Mac user.

Oh, and what's up with people complaining about the news. I don't read much other than osnews, and I found it interesting. If you don't like it, just don't read it and at least don't post unconstructive comments.

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RE[4]: Looks good but
by atriq on Thu 21st Feb 2008 01:45 in reply to "RE[3]: Looks good but"
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I completely agree that some, many would probably be the more appropriate word, would consider the MacPro the better option. However, he wasn't arguing that it wasn't. Rather, he was making the point that it isn't the cheapest. We can speculate all day as to how much someone's time is worth making a custom build. But the article was very misleading insinuating that the bill from Apple would be less than the one from NewEgg.

I just tested this myself, and the MacPro was $900 more for the same setup (Same as the article with dual 3G Quads). And that was while being very conservative with the memory and hard drive.

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RE[4]: Looks good but
by Phloptical on Thu 21st Feb 2008 03:42 in reply to "RE[3]: Looks good but"
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I'm not pushing a PC on anyone, and I find it particularly funny that you (and other pretentious users of your ilk) go there out of habit.

Read the post fanboy, I'm not saying your mac is junk, I'm saying it's not worth the bloated price tag.

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