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KDE Ars takes a look at KDE 4.0.2. "When KDE 4.0 was officially released in January, there were a lot of gaping holes in basic functionality. During the past few months, the codebase has matured considerably, and the environment is steadily approaching the point where it will be sufficiently robust for widespread day-to-day use. Although there are still many features missing, version 4.0.2 - which was released last week - offers an improved user experience. We tested KDE 4.0.2 with the recently released Kubuntu 8.04 alpha 6." In addition, there is a new 'visual changelog' for KDE 4.1.
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Desktop toolbox
by J.R. on Mon 10th Mar 2008 20:04 UTC
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So...let me be the first to write the obligatory: Will there be an option for hiding the desktop toolbox?

Yeah I know...its getting old...but I am still hoping...

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RE: Desktop toolbox
by smitty on Mon 10th Mar 2008 21:39 in reply to "Desktop toolbox"
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No. Aaron has pretty much decreed that he is never going to accept any patch that lets you turn it off.

However, on the bright side, he has detailed how he thinks this should be handled. He says that in the future, you'll be able to switch between different desktop containments just like you can switch different wallpaper backgrounds today. So, create a new containment without the toolbox, and you're good to go. Apparently the current one is only about 2KLOC, so you could probably create a replacement fairly easily.

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RE[2]: Desktop toolbox
by Erunno on Mon 10th Mar 2008 22:03 in reply to "RE: Desktop toolbox"
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Mr. Seigo is making a complete ass out of himself regarding the toolbox issue. Basically telling to write your own containment is really a kick in the nuts for all the users who neither his vision for the toobox nor the methology of how it tested "in the wild" (including some high-profile KDE developers) and leaves the impression of a sulking kid with a hurt ego.

His "research" ideas for making the toolbox less aggravating (less noticable colours, themeable) are also basically working around the symptoms and not solving the problem itself or even introducing new ones (i.e. making the user responsible for finding a matching pair of toolbox theme/background). Instead of shoving it down people's throat he should consider finishing the implementation first and then trying to communicate the advantages of the toolbox to the user. If the toolbox has any practical value a user will keep it on his own despite having the option to remove it.

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RE: Desktop toolbox
by Kokopelli on Mon 10th Mar 2008 22:17 in reply to "Desktop toolbox"
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As has already been stated Aaron has decreed the toolbox is not going away. Check his blog for more detailed information. This has been a bit of a bone of contention within KDE as well as with those of us on the "outside." I decided it was a futile argue the point so I took Aaron's advice and just created my own plasmoid that was devoid of the darn cashew. (Or more accurately stripped it out of the current desktop plasmoid.) There really is not a lot of code involved. It took me longer to figure out how to replace the root plasmoid than it did to strip out the toolbox in the first place. On that note I must compliment the KDE team for some really clean code and nice APIs. (I still hate the toolbox though.)

I am sure it will break soon given the active development in the area, but I will just "fix" it again next time I decide to try KDE 4 for a while.

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RE: Desktop toolbox
by toothie on Tue 11th Mar 2008 01:53 in reply to "Desktop toolbox"
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all anyone can focus on is the tool box, or resizing panels. take a look at superkaramba for proof of concept, and all the user submitted karamba widgets on

plasma, like superkaramba, provides the user community to create/customize user interface componets to almost unimaginable possibilities. and do it in several programing languages, giving access to a wide audience.

once the api and bindings stabalize, then containments and plasma widgets stop popping up you'll suddenly have options upon options. including a desktop containment without a toolbox. i'm content to have the toolbox if only it helps to advance or stabalize the api, or has a greater future purpose.

some people thing aaron and kde are creating a desktop and make people use it the way they think people should use it. actually they are giving the user community the ablity almost any desktop they want.

by the time 4.1 comes out, users will likely have 4 very different menus to choose from... and thats just the begining... the greatest innovation of plasma is the real innovation is likely to come from the user community. what are your favorite superkaramba widgets? and did all of them come from kde developers?

imo kde4 has huge potential. ignore all the other frameworks, or plasma customizable potential... lets just focus on making the panel smaller and the dippy toolbox...

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RE[2]: Desktop toolbox
by J.R. on Tue 11th Mar 2008 08:43 in reply to "RE: Desktop toolbox"
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all anyone can focus on is the tool box, or resizing panels. take a look at superkaramba for proof of concept, and all the user submitted karamba widgets on

Do you really think that many of the people, me included, that complains about the desktop toolbox because its "in the way" is going to cram their desktop full of widgets?

To be honest I think the focus is kinda wrong when flashy features are the priority while the loyal KDE users that have been there from KDE1 gets the shaft. It all depends on which usergroup you want ofcourse, but don't forget that a DE with flashy features got more competition...from OSX and even Windows Vista. Can KDE4 really win those users over?

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